Top Reasons Why Students Buy Essays

The life of a college student can be very stressful, especially for serious students who are working hard to make good grades. Studying for tests and writing papers are two of the biggest and most time-consuming challenges for college students who are busy and stressed out. It is a well-kept secret that sometimes even good students purchase an essay from a paper-writing service rather than writing it themselves. There are several reasons why a student may make this decision.

For one thing, students can get over-extended. Perhaps they signed up for too many classes at the beginning of the semester and didn’t want to drop any of them. Consequently, they have five or six major assignments all coming due at the same time – a term paper for a history class, a final project for psychology, and tests in biology, calculus, and Spanish. There is no way that they can study for the tests, put together the project, and write the paper. In addition, they may be holding down a part-time job or even have family responsibilities to attend to. In these circumstances, pay essays is the smartest move.

In addition, students who are thinking about grad school applications know how important it is to maintain as high a grade point average as possible. Students who make excellent grades but have a weakness in one subject area may choose to purchase an essay written by an expert rather than risk a low grade that would ruin their GPA. This type of student will want to be sure the essay-writing service employs only highly-qualified writers.

Another reason why students purchase essays is that they are not native speakers of English. Even fluent speakers have trouble mastering written English, and they fear that a poor vocabulary or an excess of grammatical errors will earn a poor grade. Non-native speakers can purchase original essays or they can pay to have their own essays re-written by an expert native speaker. Native English speakers may also have concerns about their ability to write well. One customer of an online essay-writing service said, “I am willing to pay writers that write my essay flawlessly.”

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